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Video – My Africa Is documentary Series

08 Oct Video – My Africa Is documentary Series

My Africa Is documentary is a series that we have been watching on YouTube.

My Africa Is documentaryThe featured episode takes us to the West African country called Senegal. Where interesting enough the Senegalese are producing a news show with a modern spin.

This revolutionary way of thinking is in an attempt to gain a young audience’s attention, which seems to be working.

They achieve this by the skilled and talented Senegalese presenters (two of whom are called Keyti and Xuman) rapping the days political and local news, which keeps the youth engaged and in turn strengthen the youth movement.

The show is entitled “Le Journal Rappe” which translates to “The Rap Journal”

Watch this episode of “My Africa Is” here on Scream Africa or go over to YouTube watch and subscribe to the “My Africa Is: The Documentary Series” channel