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Clinic In A Box by Sick Be Nourished

20 Jun Clinic In A Box by Sick Be Nourished

Screams Africa supports Sick Be Nourished’s “Clinic In A Box”.

The Clinic In A Box has been inspired by the need to empower communities and villages to become independent in the provision of their own healthcare practice.   Thus bringing health care provision closer to those who need it, striving wherever possible to facilitate free health care.

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Clinic In A Box contains a variety of equipment valued in excess of £400, which is designed to be utilised in the creation of makeshift clinical facilities practically anywhere. The contents contain the initial equipment needed to allow practitioners to carry out primary healthcare checks within their villages and communities.

Clinic In A Box receive medical equipment frequently and will be able to provide variations. There may be times where the contents of the Clinic In A Box may vary according to availability. We will always strive to provide the primary resources.

At present a box can contain:

  • 1 Littmann Stethoscope
  • 1 Sharps Box
  • 1 Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
  • 1 Omron Large Cuff
  • 1 Omron Small Cuff
  • 2 Mini Wright peak flow Monitors
  • 250 Mouthpieces (Disposable)
  • 40 Pair Gloves
  • 50 Respiratory Masks
  • 2 Surgical Gowns
  • 1 Seca Tape Measure
  • 1 Patella Hammer
  • 1 Tuning Fork

How you can help? Consider the following

Transport A Clinic In A Box: A minimum donation of £250 will enable SBN to ship, clear and transport to location a ‘clinic in a box.’

Donate for a ‘Clinic in a box': A minimum donation of £100, this will allow you to obtain a clinic in a box or to distribute to your identified recipient.

How To Make A Financial Donation:

By Bank Account:

Barclays Bank
Sort code: 20-09-03
Account No: 20088765

By Text Messaging:

Text to no 30554

Write SBN followed by donation amount
If you want to donate £40 send this code in your text message


By Paypal:

For more information please contact:

Tele: 07985 440 364 – 07846 494 790