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About Us

Screams Africa is a UK based company

We have a passion for the African arts.

More than just a shop

We concentrate our energies in providing an online income generating platform for the African artist, sculpture, clothes designer, fabric maker and entrepreneur.

Working towards

Our main aim is to help build sustainability and resilience, and support equality of opportunity and independence for artists / entrepreneurs of African arts around the world.

Worldwide Vision

That one day, we will live in a world free of poverty and open economies

Not without your help

Every product sold benefits the artist / entrepreneur from being marginalized and constraint from trade faced in their country.

Getting the price right

Scream Africa try our utmost to ensure we achieve the most cost effective way of sourcing products abroad so you get the very best price.

Free shipping is available

Don’t worry about high shipping costs as a lot of our products are stocked in the UK. You can also take advantage of our free shipping options on most, if not all of our products.