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What is Model Material Really

08 Mar What is Model Material Really

Before I answer the question: What is Model material ..Really?.

On Saturday 7th March 2015 I attended a Screams Africa photoshoot where  I met some truly inspirational, lovely ladies. Marcia, Oenca, Selina, Sonia, Vanessa and Raisi firstly Thank you. We all rose to the challenge of modelling some great, new, vibrate, colourful clothing lines on behalf of Screams Africa.

Watch this space for a range of beautiful lines all the way from Ghana, Ivory Coast, Gambia and Senegal.

africa fashion What is Model Material Really

So back to What is Model material ….. really?  Is it really about conforming to the norm and spending the entire time checking our appearances?  Seems logical really considering you’re behind the camera the entire day and eyes are on you. Or maybe its because we have programs such as Next Top Model. Or maybe its the media who has its own perception of what a model should look like?

Well not for me, this shoot was different.  We weren’t occupying the dressing room and running late for our photoshoot because our hair was out of place. We talked, we  listened,  we learned.  We were Inspired!  We shared information, insights to our journeys that have got us where we are today.It was truly Inspirational & Awesome. These ladies were not just models for the day, they were authors, poets, Entrepreneurs & business women.  Each & every one contributing in some way shape or form to making the world a better place.

At one point I looked around and not only seen strong, passionate, creative inspirational beautiful women, but women with a great story behind their journey and a story they are using constructively to progress in the world.

So you see, when you look at the upcoming photos from the Screams Africa shoot,  when you see the vibrant colours and straight backs and raised heads, please remember we were not just models for the day, we are ROLE models.  Strong, Creative, Black,  Educated, Beautiful, Hardworking women ones of which, want to make a positive cohesive difference to the world & for that I am blessed!